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"Lionz are king of the performance"
The Colonnade (Milledgeville GA)
February 17, 2006

by Laura Adkins

Lionz, a unique southern rock jam-band out of Athens, Ga, will make an appearance in the Milledgeville music scene next Tuesday, Feb. 21 at Capital City.

The band, who likens their sound to that of Widespread Panic and The Doors, claims to be in a "constant state of exploration, always adding the works of new musical influences to their song repertoire." Band members include Damian Kapcala on keyboard, guitarist Daniel Marler, lead vocalist Jefferson Taffet, bass player Steven Spivey and the powerful dual drummer combination of Jon Joiner and Nate Hale.

"The sheer camaraderie of brothers shows on stage. The power of direction, looseness and emotion is something I'm blessed to be a part of," said Hale.

Lionz has an ever increasing fan base and believes "having the crowd involved makes the music that much more powerful," said Joiner.

Recently the band performed at the House of Blues in Atlantic City and headlined at Georgia Theatre in Athens. Their debut CD, "Stranger Things Have Happened," was released in January 2006 and is a compilation of Lionz originals that highlight the band's various influences and individual talent.

Lionz will be first to take the stage Tuesday night followed by Thelonius, a band comprised of local Milledgeville talent, including several former GC&SU students. Thelonius is a Milledgeville favorite known for their original funk/jazz/jam band sound. In addition to similar taste in music, the two bands also share band members Joiner and Kapcala, who are responsible for uniting the groups. Lionz and Thelonius offer a unique show because they have "the ability to get all the guys on stage and use their different talents," said Joiner.

Bringing these bands together offers the kind of musical diversity Milledgeville music fans have been asking for, said Capital City booking agent Samantha Gaddy. College students in Milledgeville are eager to hear new and different sounds, said Gaddy, and both Lionz and Thelonius will help create an environment where people can "come chill out and have a good time." Concert admission is $3 at the door and Lionz is expected to begin playing at approximately 11:30 p.m.

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