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"Threats & Promises: Music News And Gossip"
November 2, 2005

Thrown to The Lions: Hardworking local band Lionz will have reason to celebrate when they play the Roadhouse on December 2. The band has just completed an entire year's worth of recording and post-production work with engineer David Barbe, and will release its debut album Stranger Things Have Happened on January 12, 2006. Early sales will take place at the band's web site A couple of lineup changes have occurred with the band, as Steven Spivey (ex-Tishamingo) and drummer John Joiner have joined the ranks. This is surely exciting news for the band and their fans, but I gotta say that any band that spends an entire year recording a debut album better be delivering frickin' Dark Side of the Moon or something. I mean, gee whiz, guys.

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