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LIONZ is a band of leaders from Athens, GA, who are extremely individualized, both on and off the stage, which makes the group very versatile in different styles of music with the ability to take it all the way with no limits and boundaries.

LIONZ has been touring for 12 years and has headlined many large venues and festivals, including Harvesting the Jam at The House of Blues in Myrtle Beach and Atlantic City. LIONZ released its commercially successful debut album, Stranger Things Have Happened, in 2005 and the critically acclaimed Breaking Out of the Zoo on January 1, 2010. LIONZ has been very busy in the studio for the last year working on its third and fourth CDs, From Dark to Light and The Other Side. The first song from these sessions and the first ever LIONZ video, HIT THE BONG, will be released on July 1st, 2012, with a subsequent song being released every two to four weeks thereafter.

The band members have been playing music with each other for more than fifteen years in different combinations. Leading the way on drums and bass on the two new CDs is one of Athens, Georgia's tightest and most highly acclaimed rhythm sections, Carlton Owens and Stephen Spivey. Sharing the instrumental leads on guitar and keyboards are the already legendary Daniel Marler and Damian Kapcala, original members of LIONZ, the latter of whom who also plays keys in a project with Widespread Panic's Sonny Ortiz. LIONZ is fronted by singer/lyricist Jefferson Taffet, whose voice is frequently and favorably compared to the late, great Jim Morrison.

LIONZ has worked with Grammy Award winning producer David Barbe (Drive by Truckers/Sugar). LIONZ has been featured on several radio programs and has won two Athens, Georgia, Flagpole Music Awards. LIONZ was nominated for best lead guitarist and best rhythm section by the Georgia radio station Z97. Previous well-known guests have included Reverend Jeff Mosier (Blueground Undergrass), Dave Blackmon (frequent Widespread Panic guest), and late blues legend Neil Pattman. LIONZ opened all three Widespread Panic Shows at The Athens Classic Center in 2007.

Past LIONZ (previously Lions From Zion) Members & Guests: Neil Patman, Reverend Jeff Mosier (Blueground Undergrass, Little Green Chairs), Dave Blackmon (blueBlueground Undergrass, WSP guest, Krill), Danny Esposito (Neil Patman, Alien Child), Jason Fuller (King Daddy Zeb, Ween, Kinchafoonee Cowboys, Diana Degarmo, S), Carlton Owens (Squat, Don't Know, Santana Tribute, Nathan Sheppard), AJ Adams (Kinchafoonee Cowboys), Seth Hendershot (Fuzzy Sprouts) Bentley Rhodes (Bloodkin), Jason Crawford (The Usual Suspects), Drew Marler (Bros. Marler, Walking for Days, Sursie,) Wilma, Gary Hartle (Parakeet Nelson, Fung Shui), Nathan Sheppard, Shank, Brian Crum, Will Clay (Field Trip), Nate Jones (Field Trip, Liquid Sundrop), John Wetherarld, Geary Smith, Wade Hester (Widespread guest), Dave Herndon, Clarence Cameron (Don't Know), Adam Poulin, Betsy Franck, Mary Jane Schwabb (Shitty Candy & The Circus Peanuts), Chris Nace (SVA), Taylor Arnall (Another Fiasco), Gary Kellam, Cane Stanley (Cosmic Charlie), Michael Wegner (Cosmic Charlie), Chris Costigan (The Heap, Gunnison), Alvetta Newby-Jones (Entropy), Paul Karjian (Lefty Hathaway Band), Chris Cates (Parakeet Nelson, Chris Cates), Dave Brockway (Day By the River, Parakeet Nelson), Nate Hale (SVA, Cosmic Charlie, Boo Ray & The Bad Beat Kings), Erin Young, AJ Hancock (Krill), Mike Elam (Phallic Phungus, Parakeet Nelson, Brother Boldt & The Shamans) Robert Herndon (Krill), Stephen Spivey (Tishamingo, Heidi Hensley, Justin Brogdon, Snap), Jon Joiner (Moonshine Still, Stokeswood), Preston Wilbur, Chris Hampton, Jesse 'Soul' Cole (The Goods, Bishop Don), John Wayne (Don't Know, Soul Kitchen), and John Kell (Planet Jive, Fieldtrip, Soul Kitchen)

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